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The BlackBoard of West Contra Costa

BlackBoard of West Contra Costa

Gloria Scoggins, President
Gloria Scoggins has been active in the field of education
for 45 years.  Gloria has worked in Oakland Unified,
Stockton Unified and West Contra Costa Unified in
a variety of leadership positions including, teacher,
principal and coordinator.  She also worked as a Program Improvement Coach for the State of California and was assigned to provide leadership in schools in both Northern and Southern California. Gloria owned Annex Child Development Center and provided pre-school education, and after school care for several years in the Richmond Community.  After retiring from the West Contra Costa School District in 2004, Gloria has lectured university Teacher Education classes and supervised interns and student teachers pursuing a teaching career throughout the Bay Area.

     Presently she serves as the President of the BlackBoard of West Contra Costa.  She brings a level of energy and passion to the BlackBoard's vision. She is dedicated to ensuring interventions, safety nets, and academic acceleration for all students is at the core of the topics centered around our youth.  Gloria believes in advocating for students and parents and promoting opportunities for children to become self-sufficient community members.  She inspires to improve life for African American children by liaising with community organizations and city agencies.  Gloria has the desire to accomplish the Blackboard's goals by implementing new and different strategies, based on the needs of African American students, while exploring opportunities to ensure all children can obtain their career goals. 
Scottie Smith, Vice President
Scottie Smith has been an Educational Advocate for over
35 years. She was a co-founder of the March 4 Education,
a grass roots organization, that advocate for equity in
educational funding at the state and national level.

The March 4 Education completed a 70 mile walk to Sacramento, California in April 2004, which was covered on local and national news outlets. She is currently the Vice President of the BlackBoard of WCC, a community based organization that advocate for equity in educational funding, programs and highly qualified teachers. We believe it is important for all students, and particularly African Americans, to have a quality education that is based on their needs, not on their social economic status.
     Scottie has been employed by Parents Helping Parents of San Francisco, Westchester County Child Development, Adams, Esq. and is currently self-employed as an Educational Advocate. She has served many parents/students in New York, Maryland, Contra Costa County, Alameda and San Francisco. She provides personal advocacy and training sessions for parents/students, social service agencies and others on 504, IDEA, and regular education issues (i.e., SST process, suspensions, expulsions, promotion and retention, Gifted and Talented services).

• We believe in strong parent/community advocacy for all students, and in particular, African American students.
• We support teacher collaboration and a positive school culture within each classroom across the district.
• We support an educational environment that promotes social justice and academic excellence.

Board of Directors
Gloria Scoggins, President
Scottie Smith, Vice President
Bettye Davis, Secretary
Cora Ward, Treasurer
Dr. Fatima Alleyne, Community Engagement
Ivy Winston
Anna Blackman
Sheryl Lane

Bios of Board members